Responsibility through Collaboration

Thanks to overlapping supply chains, the Consortium can help public entities achieve their goals for sweatfree purchasing cheaper and more effectively than they can on their own.  By sharing information about suppliers' labor compliance records and pooling resources for investigations, as needed, public entities can save money. In addition, by creating a larger market for decent working conditions and coordinating compliance activities, public entities can provide positive incentives to the industry to achieve compliance with labor standards in the supply chain.

How the Consortium Can Help

For public entities:

  • Check our policy tools for policy language, labor compliance tools, and best practices to end purchasing from sweatshops.
  • Search Sweatfree LinkUp! and use its associated technology to learn about suppliers, access evidence of non-compliance, and share your own supply chain information.
  • Work with other public entities to create the capacity to monitor and investigate working conditions in factories that make uniforms and other products that public entities purchase.

For workers and worker advocates:

  • Search Sweatfree LinkUp! to find government buyers in the United States, such as city and state governments, that buy the products you make.
  • Report labor violations at factories safely and confidentially to government buyers and to the Consortium with this online complaint form.

For vendors and manufacturers:

(Vendors and manufacturers must register with the Consortium).

For more information, please contact us.